After a tooth has had a root canaled therapy, we recommend placing a crown on the tooth.  Root canal therapy reduces the strength by making the tooth much more dry, brittle or breakable with a loss of tooth flexibility.  A crown can cover, protect and strengthen a root canaled tooth from the inevitable post root canal tooth fracture.

Crowns may be recommended for “cracked tooth syndrome”.  Cracked tooth syndrome is a term we use to describe the recurring discomfort, sensitivity, or pain that is caused by and incomplete fracture or crack in a tooth.  You may have cracked tooth syndrome if you experience any of these symptoms:

-You find yourself chewing on only one side of your mouth because it’s uncomfortable to chew on the other side.

-Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures or to sweet or sour foods.

-You feel a sharp pain when you chew

-The pain is intermittent rather that constant.

Large fillings or broken teeth may also require a crown.  When a large portion of your tooth has been damaged or decayed, a significant amount of the tooth structure is lost and you may not have enough tooth structure left to support a filling.

Crowns are made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold or zirconia (a metal that can be matched to your tooth colour)

  • Provides support to damaged and broken teeth
  • Appearance is completely natural
  • Can fix your smile and any existing chewing problems

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