Pulling a tooth, or tooth extraction, is something that our dentists would consider only if it is absolutely necessary, and there is no possible way to save it. Once a tooth is very severely fractured or decayed, or if there is excessive bone loss around a tooth as a result of severe gum disease, our doctors may consider the last resort of removing the tooth in order to prevent further infection in the damaged tooth from spreading to nearby teeth and endangering them or the rest of the body as well.

In addition, our dentists may recommend tooth extracting your wisdom teeth (the furthest back molars in the mouth) if they determine, through X-Rays and an oral examination, that there is not enough room in the jaw for them to grow in properly. Wisdom teeth can get wedged between the vertical portion of the jaw and the rest of one’s teeth, or they can grow in sideways, causing discomfort, inflammation and infection (which can put the nearby teeth in danger as well)

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